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News from the Distillery


Busted Barrel is now available in the Hudson Valley region of New York, New York City, Washington DC & Maryland! We will soon be expanding into Connecticut & Massachusetts. 


Be sure to start asking for it in your favorite establishments! If you can't find it, let us know and we will do what we can to get it to you.












Our latest creation......


Did you know?  Sorgho Whiskey is one of the most unique and innovative American distillates to be produced since the Civil War. A remarkable whiskey made from one of the finest and rarest sugars on earth, American-grown sweet sorghum.  Our Master Distiller, Brant Braue, using copper pot distillation, has produced an authentic American whiskey of exceptional flavor and character. One that captures the very essence of lush sweet sorghum, both in its rich taste and in its 160 years of American heritage. We give you James F.C. Hyde, original Sorgho Whiskey.


Be sure to try some when you visit!









What's next?


We are currently in the process of perfecting our gin recipes and are waiting for fruit to grow so we can bring you fruit flavored Busted Barrel. 


We will let you know when it is available here at the distillery! 









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