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We aren't doing anything different, just better.

                We anticipate being able to offer bourbon and whiskey by 2015, both of which will be made with Jersey sweet corn to allow for a distinctive flavor made from the best corn in the world. 


Busted Barrel Silver Rum is now stores, bars and restaurants all over New Jersey!!! We make our silver rum from the finest molasses made in Louisiana, distill it through our custom copper stills and carbon filter it to give it a smooth delicious taste unlike any silver rum you've ever tried.


Our Busted Barrel Dark Rum has matured in American white oak barrels and offer hints of vanilla and caramel, while carrying enough oakiness to evoke the finest American whiskeys!  It stands out among craft sipping rums.


Both our Busted Barrel Silver and Busted Barrel Dark were awarded Silver Medals at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.  Not too shabby for newly released spirits!


Make sure to ask for Busted Barrel in all your favorite cocktails or simply enjoy it on the rocks.


Alc. 40% // 80 Proof


Fermenting and distilling one of nature’s finest sugars, and then aging it like  a fine bourbon or rye, in new, small, charred American oak barrels at proof  strength of no more than 125, results in an extraordinary set of flavor and  aroma notes in a gluten free whiskey.  Master distiller Brant Braue, using copper pot distillation, has produced an authentic American whiskey of exceptional flavor and character. One that captures the very essence of lush sweet sorghum, both in it's rich taste and in it's 160 years of American heritage. We give you James F.C. Hyde, original Sorgho Whiskey.


Alc. 43% // 86 Proof

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